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The Prolift vertical platform lift is a smooth, quiet and efficient operation lift that can be
installed in an existing or new structure. Its durable design and the wide variety of options
to choose from make it a great affordable lift that meets your accessibility requirements.

There aretwo versions of the Prolift:
Standard (SCL) and Heavy Duty (HD) that features a higher capacity (up to 1400 lb).

The Savaria Prolift can be configured to travel up to 14 feet with as many as 4 stops.
With a hydraulic drive, the Prolift is a reliable and quiet system suitable for use in
places of worship, schools and other public buildings. Finished in melamine or
optional plastic laminate and stainless fixtures, the Prolift can be sized with an
interior cab of up to 36"W x 60"L (SCL) or 48"W x 60"L (HD).


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