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The Step-Saver Stairlift can effortlessly take you up and down a straight Stairway
in your Home and is our entry level model. This neutral-styled unit folds up when
not in use to leave your staircase unobstructed.

With its Constant Charge System, the Step-Saver's battery is charged
no matter where it is positioned along the traveling rail,
so that your Stairlift is always ready to go - even through a power failure.

The Step-Saver Stairlift with its array of standard features makes the
Step-Saver a good value for the money.

The flip-up seat swivels and locks into position for safety when getting on and off the chair.
Obstruction sensors stop the lift in either direction when it meets an object.
The seat and arms adjust positions and the lift accommodates a capacity of up to 300 lb (136 kg).


SHASTA Elevator Company can help you with the Stairlift Solution that fits your needs.
CONTACT US with the details of your needs, ideas and requirements.