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The Residential Dumbwaiter is available to you in your choice of wood, steel, and stainless steel cars.
It powers up and down a robust 50 or 100-pound net load.


An attractive roll top gate and shelf are standard on the wood car version (CRT).


The Steel and Stainless Steel cars offer steel shelves and a bi-parting gate.

Safety is assured with standard slack cable monitoring device, car safeties, top final limit switches
and UL® /cUL® certified controllers.

The Cable-Waiter excels at transporting everything from delicate crystal to laundry and groceries
in a residential setting. This versatile performer is also right at home in light-duty work as well.

Due to its versatility, It can be just right for small offices and medical clinics for record
and supply movement.

SHASTA Elevator Company is proud to offer Waupaca and Matot Dumbwaiters
in custom car sizes for the steel and stainless steel models.

These quality dumbwaiters to meet your specific needs for form and function.


For Heavier Duty Dumbwaiters in the Home, please Click the following:

Commercial-Grade Dumbwaiter

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